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While most people think of Campbell’s soup, and fried onions when Green Bean Casserole is mentioned, my family thinks of green beans with bacon and tomatoes. 

Every Thanksgiving my mom pulled out her crock pot and made this family favorite.  And it was made for pot lucks too.  And now, because it is a great dish I am carrying on those traditions.     

And one day, I will share with you the amazing crock pot dish that it is.  But today, you get to hear about my adapted version.  Because, I made the quick version the other night. 

The ingredients are pretty straight forward, green beans, bacon, and tomato.  And a little butter

First, cook bacon.  Yes, we eat a lot of bacon.  Baker Man loves bacon.  I think he requires it to live.  It is like breathing for him.  And it makes vegetables more appealing to him.  It is crazy, I know.  But when he asks for seconds of vegetables, I just go with it. 

Tomato Green Bean Cass3

Second, heat frozen green beans in a sauce pan.  I would have preferred the taste of fresh but I detest snapping ends off of green beans so I used frozen.  Melt in a little butter for a little added taste. 

Third, dump a can of diced tomatoes in with the green beans (drain them first).  Again, could have used fresh, but this was easier.  And the tomatoes were “fire roasted” – aka, pre-seasoned. 

Tomato Green Bean Cass2

And for the finish, crumble in the cooked bacon and stir it together.  Yum. 

Tomato Green Bean Cass1

Green Beans with Bacon and Tomatoes

6 slices of bacon
1 bag frozen green beans
2 Tbs butter
1 can diced tomatoes, drained – I use pre-seasoned

Cook bacon.  Cook green beans.  Melt in butter with green beans.  Add tomatoes to green beans.  Crumble bacon in green beans.  Stir and Serve.  

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