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Thanks to all of you who entered our giveaway for an autographed copy of The Pioneer Woman Cooks by Ree Drummond!  Your celebrity sighting stories were hilarious and certainly kept us amused over the weekend 🙂  Isn’t it funny how awestruck we become?

And the winner is…


who said…

ahhh i went but the line was outta control so i didn’t get a book/signed copy! i would looove one! it looks like you girls had a blast at the signing too. i watched her answer questions from downstairs.

i don’t have any super-interesting celebrity run-in stories, though i did see matthew perry in an airport once!

I guess sometimes things have a way of working out!

Congratulations and enjoy your new cookbook!  

PS – peanutbutterfingers has a super cute blog dedicated to healthy living, eating, and her fun along the way.  Check it out!

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We have moved!  Continue reading Sirloin with Burgundy Mushrooms on Saucy and Sweet!

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So Paige and I are off today on a mini-adventure. We have a long trek ahead of us that could take hours. We are stocking up on rations and other necessities to get us through this trip.

Where are we going you ask? Well, to see the Pioneer Woman! Orlando is one of her stops on her book signing tour. So Paige and I are sneaking out of work early and heading on over.

We have heard rumors of people standing in line for hours to get her signature. Since we don’t want to be leaving Orlando at 10 tonight or later, we thought we would get there early and find a good book and a cup of coffee and camp out for a bit.

Check in tomorrow to hear how it went and hopefully see some fun pictures!

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