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Ok, ok, I know. How can I use “research” and “convenient” so close to each other? Research brings back memories of writing papers and hours in the library. But it does not have to be that way. Let your fingers do the walking and reap the benefits.

Know your prices: If you know how much items cost ordinarily, you are more likely to know a deal when you see it.

Know the rules: Know how your grocery store treats coupons and specials. At one of the stores I frequent, BOGO means, I pay full price for one, and the second is free. So, I only get the benefit when I get 2. 10 for $10 means, each one is $1 so I benefit no matter how many I buy. Know if you can use double coupons or if they accept competitor coupons.

Sales: Read circulars. Every grocery store runs specials on a weekly basis. It is pretty easy to pull up those circulars on line. I buy on-sale items in bulk. If we are talking perishable items, I plan my meals around those items.

Coupons: Also a weekly thing. If you already get newspapers or magazines, keep an eye out for coupons there. Personally, I buy the Sunday paper on days that I know will have a lot of coupons (i.e. the P&G coupon saver). I signed up online and get email notification letting me know when those are coming. There are lots of sites where you can print coupons as well.

Pair your coupons with sales and you save even more. For instance, say you get a coupon for $1 off a jar of spaghetti sauce that is normally $3.50. And I use that coupon during a BOGO sale and now I have 2 jars for $2.50. There are websites that actually help you locate coupons to match sales.

Store brand versus name brand: Buy store brand instead of name brand. There are a few things that I won’t compromise on but as a whole, store brand saves you a lot and they taste pretty good.

When it comes to fruits and veggies, buy in season. I love this time of year because strawberries are always on sale. So we eat a lot of strawberries. Experiment with things that are in season and that you maybe haven’t tried before, you might find something you love.

Organic versus non-organic? I do not buy all organic. I would love to, but realistically, I can’t afford that right now. There are some fruits and veggies that are more likely to have chemicals in them than others, they are called the ”dirty dozen”. I try to buy those items organic or just not have them. And then other items, I buy regular. It is all about baby steps.

So you take a couple minutes to look up some of this information and you are ready to plan your grocery shopping. The more often you do this, the easier it gets. And you get used to patterns, trust me, there is order to this chaos. It is almost like a game to me. I gather all of this information then make my menu, then make my grocery list. The menu tips are coming soon. Happy researching!


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What would you do with 28 pounds of produce delivered to your door?

In a quest to eat healthy and shop local, I stumbled across an organic produce delivery service in our area called Greens and Things Delivered.  This seemed like the perfect solution for my dilemma of wanting to participate in a farmer’s co-op or market yet not having a flexible schedule to meet up with anyone.  The process couldn’t be easier… simply sign up on the website to select the frequency of delivery (one time, weekly, bi-weekly, etc) and remember to leave a cooler filled with ice by your front door.  Little produce fairies will come by your house by 9pm on delivery day and leave all sorts of goodies for you to find when you return home!

Contents of the box vary weekly depending on availability of the freshest produce. We received the following in our first delivery:

1 lb green beans (FL)
1 broccoli (CA)
2 1/2 lb sweet potatoes (NC)
1 green cabbage (Lady Moon Farms FL)
1 bunch sweet onions with tops (FL)
1 red leaf lettuce (Lady Moon Farms FL)
2 tomatoes (MX)
4 fuji apples (US waxfree)
2-3 lb bananas (Ecuador or Columbia)
2 yellow peaches (MX)
2 asian pears (Argentina)
2 lb ruby grapefruit (FL)
1 lb strawberries (FL)
1/4 lb kiwi (CA)

The best part about this service is being introduced to varieties of fruits and veggies that I would normally pass by in the grocery store.  I am having so much fun figuring out new methods for preparing the produce and how to consume everything in time for the next delivery!

One thing we have noticed is how flavorful all of the items have been.  The tomatoes tasted like they were picked from our backyard earlier that day, the grapefruit so sweet they didn’t need sugar, the peaches juicy and fragrant, and the green beans so fresh I was afraid Capt J would sneak them out of the bag before I had a chance to cook them!  I could go on and on about how delicious everything has been.  This is our first experience with organic food, so I am not sure whether this is a phenomenon from the growing process or a testament to how fresh the produce was.  Either way we are hooked and looking forward to the next delivery this Thursday!

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