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Mini Quiche

Last minute the other day, I was asked to bring something in to work for a birthday breakfast the following morning.  I had no time and no energy but I agreed anyhow.  I have this weird thing about avoiding carbs for breakfast and finding the protein.  OK – not avoid carbs, but find something that isn’t only carbs.  With this in mind, I decided to try making some mini quiche.  They came out really well!

Aren’t they pretty?

So here is the quick and dirty on how I made them.  Prepare whatever quiche filling you like.  An easy basis would be 3 eggs, 1 cup of milk, 1 cup of cheese, and 1 cup of veggies/meat.  Get creative.   

Now, take a roll of refrigerated crescent dough.  Once unrolled, take two triangles and pinch them together to make a rectangle.  Now cut them in half to make two squares.  Fit each square into a cup cake pan to make mini cups of dough.  I work with only one roll of dough at a time, and move quickly.  The longer the dough is out, the harder it is to work with. 

Stick the pan into an oven pre-heated to 375 degrees for just a few minutes.  The dough should just be starting to brown and puff a little.  Pull out the pan and put about 3 spoonfuls of filling into each cup.  3 spoonfuls is an estimate.  Depending on how the cups came out, I added a little more or a little less.  Return pan to oven and cook for approximately 15 more minutes.  Crust should be browned and egg filling should be puffed up and firm.  Let cool for a few minutes and serve or transfer to the refrigerator to eat later.


I got a little grief for “not making things this fancy” for my husband so I let him steal one.  The rest were a hit the next morning.

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